Anirudhan J Rajagopalan.

I am pursuing my Masters in Computer Science(Machine Learning) from Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University. Prior to my masters, I was a Full Stack consultant working remotely with multiple geographically distributed clients.

I am working on a number of interesting machine learning projects. I have worked on machine learning projects in multiple domains. These domains include Computaitonal Biology (DNA methylation, Protein Expression, EEG data), Music Information Retrival (Music Recommender System), and Geospatial data (Taxi & event correlation).

I am a poloygot software developer with more than 4.5 years of experience. I have used various technologies such as J2EE, ROR, Python, HTML, CSS, AngularJs and in multiple platforms such as AWS, and Heroku. I have also worked with mutliple tools such as Lucene, Drools, and Oracle BRM.

Areas of Interest